Building Energy Audit

All commercial, residential and industrial building services equipment has an estimated useful life expectancy which can be shortened or lengthened by maintenance practice. It is usually required during the life time of a building to replace substantial portions of the HVAC or plumbing system due to poor maintenance or the life span of the equipment coming to an end.

If certain HVAC and plumbing equipment and services are retained after a certain period they can become extremely un-economical to operate and could also be a high risk to sudden failure, causing an interruption to services or property damage from leaking pipework or over heating/cooling of equipment or services.

A building energy audit is a comprehensive building analysis which identifies equipment and processes that misuse or waste energy. It also reviews any methods that have been implemented to conserve energy. Upon completion, the energy audit indicates where the building is wasting energy and subsequently where energy usage reductions might be found. The report also gives an estimated project cost, calculated energy savings and payback period.

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